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Anna's* beautiful Hypnobirth

I'll try to keep the story short. At around 1am I felt a little trickle and I jumped out of bed, because I didn't want to dirty the mattress. I was too sleepy and I knew the hospital would send me home anyway if I went so I went back to sleep.

I woke up at 9am and told Jake* and he said "Oh my God, why didn't you tell me last night". I told him to relax. I decided to wash my hair, shower and eat before I get to the hospital. When I got to Westmead Private at 1pm I was 7cm dilated! I actually didn't really feel anything. I had a choice to go home or to hang around in the birthing suit. I decided to stay because I didn't want to travel in and out. The lights were dimmed and I put on the hypnobirth tracks. I started dozing off but the surges kept waking me up. I wished I had some food because I was out of energy but I was too concentrated. It got pretty intense at 4pm and I told Jake to massage my back and put the tens machine on. After putting the tens machine on he said he needed to chuck a shit! I was like...right now?? I was kind of annoyed but had to remain positive and focused lol. When he came back he said "Sniff the clary sage." I asked why. He said he sniffed it and that's why he had to shit. He said everything would come out if I sniffed it so I did. I think at around 5pm I asked the nurse for the epidural because it got very intense. She said "You don't look like you need an epidural". Jake said "yeahh you dont". In my head I was thinking "goddamn give me epidural ...but I gotta focus at the same time". The midwife gave me gas and I took a big sniff and vomited.

Me dozing off whilst listening to the hypnobirthing tracks

I decided to breathe myself instead of using the gas. I felt this huge pressure and I felt like pooping! Next thing I knew I felt like pushing! I actually didn't have to push hard because standing upright really helped!! My OB said she tried to push his head back in but he slid out!

I birthed my placenta within 20 mins and I didn't even know because it got very busy with skin to skin, latching and cutting umbilical cord.

All the midwives said I had strong pain tolerance. I told them thanks to hypnobirthing I was able to have everything under control.

Hypnobirth works after delivery too. I had 2nd degree tear and I thought of my affirmations all the time. I actually didn't need any pain relief and I healed within a week! The only thing I would do differently next time is probably jump in the shower if water birth was not available.

I recommended hypnobirthing to all my friends. It was a really positive experience.

*Names have been changed

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