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Are some people just “lucky”?

When you share a positive birth story, you’re usually met with a remark sounding something like this: “You’re so lucky


“You’re just one of those women who are made to birth”.

Well, first of all we were all made to birth (okurrr).

And secondly....yes I was “lucky”. Lucky to be able to give birth in this country, have access to supportive caregivers, have an awesome birth partner and have no health issues in my pregnancy.

But it wasn’t JUST luck. I prepared for it.

I read somewhere that in the 3 months leading up to her wedding, a bride spends an average of 11 hours a week planning/working on details. It's an important day in your life, why wouldn’t you? Hey, it might rain on your wedding day, or a band member might be sick, or they might forget someone’s main meal.....BUT you’re still going to plan and prepare for it right???

We don’t say “eff that, I’ll just wing it. I won’t bother buying a dress I reckon someone will just bring a spare. I haven't booked a reception place either but I'll just rock up and hope for the best."

The same goes when you are planning any special event, going on holiday or even building a house. There are elements that are out of our control. But it doesn't mean we just give up on preparing, researching and organising.

So, why is that it is considered normal to prepare for such occasions....but considered stupid or naive to plan for a birth because "things might not go according to plan". Your birthing day is one of the most important days of your lives. So isn't it worthy of the same (if not more) preparation?

So PREPARE to have the birth that you desire. Get the education, build up your toolbox of techniques and practice using them. Imagine what it will feel like to hold your baby in your arms.

PREPARE for whatever turn your birth might take. Read and do your research so that you're ready to make informed decisions. Make sure your birth preferences have you covered for any type of birth.

And then.....SURRENDER.

Because the rest is out of your control.

But it feels fantastic knowing you've done all you can to prepare for this experience. And THAT makes it a positive one #noragrets

To prepare for your positive birth book a Hypnobirthing Australia course with me here

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