Taylor's 2VBAC

(2VBAC= second vaginal birth after a c-section)

We attended the hypnobirthing course at around 28 weeks and from the completion of

the course, ask anybody close to me, I was ready to labour and birth!

18th Of May, my due date came and passed as it had done with my previous vaginal

birth. I was well prepared for a few extra days, mentally. Over the next few days, I

had random hours of on and off surges, some that would really stop me in my tracks

and made me question… is this it? They would often ramp right up of a night but come

sunrise, fizzle out. This itself was a mental game for me so come the 24th of May, 40+6,

I was offered a stretch and sweep which I accepted. The midwife said it was a “sweep

well done” and I was 2cm dilated. I used my breathing techniques whilst the sweep was

being done and felt completely comfortable throughout the procedure. A Dr spoke to me

at this appt and strongly advised that I book in to have my waters broken in which I


I left the hospital and made the hour trip home feeling very relaxed. By 9:30pm I had

some period like cramping but nothing really to complain about. But by 10:10 I was

struggling to stand straight and the only comfort I got was to stand/sway in the shower

whilst using my breathing techniques. I knew I had a long road ahead and a little in

denial that this could be the start of labour so I got into bed with a heat pack whilst my

husband used some light touch to help me drift off to sleep. I had a wrestles night with

cramping, back pain and a few random surges.

41 weeks, I woke feeling yet again disappointed as everything had fizzled out by

sunrise. I went about the early morning with a few niggling sensations but whilst

dropping my boys to preschool surges started to come a little more noticeably. I went

home and pottered around the house, not yet counting surges as I was so over getting

excited for labour, counting surges for it to come to a stop. But by 12pm, I started to

count my surges, 5 mins, 3 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 4 mins.. a little all over the place.

During each surge I would stop whatever I was doing and flop over, remind myself to

relax my jaw and start my breathing techniques. Not so much to manage the surge