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The birth of Mila

I am so excited to share this beautiful birth story with you. This couple absolutely ROCKED their first birth. This wasn’t just luck. They prepared for this birth using the Hypnobirthing Australia techniques and by ensuring they had a supportive team around them. Read this positive birth story written by first time Hypnobirthing mama, Dijana.

“On Tuesday 9th of April had my 41 week check-up and the midwife found that I wasn't dilated so they scheduled for me to be induced on Friday. I felt anxious and a bit worried about being induced. I was hoping she would come before Friday. That night and the next day, I was mostly on the yoga ball, listening to the surge of the sea track, eating dates, drinking raspberry leaf tea and diffusing clary sage.

My surges started on Thursday at 4:30am and were on average 10 minutes apart. I slept between each surge which allowed my body to relax and kept me calm. Throughout the day, I either played surge of the sea, the affirmation track or had to have complete silence in my home. When I had a surge, I would either pace my hallway, stomp as I walked or lean over the kitchen bench. If I leaned over the kitchen bench or the back of the lounge my husband would press down on my lower back and use light touch techniques. Even though I was having surges quite regularly, I still hadn't had my showing and my water hadn't broken.

By 3pm my surges became more intense, longer in duration and I felt myself getting more emotional. I instinctively knew it was time for me to go to the hospital. My husband called the birth unit and let them know that we were coming in. On the way to the hospital, I played the hypnobirthing affirmation track and focused on my surge breathing.

My husband and I got to the hospital at 3:30pm. When I got to the hospital the midwife checked and told me I was 3cm dilated. Luckily we were told we could stay in the birth unit and didn't have to go back home. In our birth room, my husband dimmed the lights, played the hypnobirthing tracks and continued to use light touch when necessary. My surges progressed to 3-4 surges every 10 minutes. I used some gas and had my eyes closed most of the time in order to remain as relaxed as possible in between my surges. I felt so exhausted but excited I was going to finally meet my baby girl.

At 8pm I was told by the midwife that I was 7cm dilated and we decided for her to rupture my membranes. At this point I was eager to start active labour. I felt the urge to bare down almost instantly. The pressure was intense and I found it difficult to use the gas. My husband played tranquil chambers and gave me support when I needed it. My midwives encouraged me to use any position that felt comfortable for me and offered suggestions when my baby wasn't moving down as quickly as they thought she should be. I felt breathless and very tired but I knew this was the time to put all my strength into baring down. I found making noises as I bared down relieved some of the pressure I felt and helped me add more energy.

The top of my babies head was making an appearance and everyone was commenting on how much hair she had which made me excited and eager to meet her. We decided on an episiotomy as she was presenting with her hand next to her face and her heart rate was decreasing. As soon I had the episiotomy she easily slid out at 11:10pm. I felt absolute relief and joy when I finally got to hold my baby girl. She was instantly placed on my chest for an hour of skin to skin with me and then an hour with her father. During this whole process the room remained peaceful. We chose to have delayed cord clamping and when the time came my husband cut the umbilical cord. For about half an hour I attempted to birth my placenta but when there was no progress I decided to be injected with syntocinon.

I am so thankful that my husband and I did the Hypnobirthing Australia course. The course definitely ensured I was prepared for a positive birth. Words cannot describe how empowering my experience was. I had the most supportive team with me. My husband was a constant by my side showing me either through touch or words how much he loved me and was proud of me. He continued to remind me that today we were going to meet our baby girl. The midwives followed my birth plan and were very positive throughout my labour. I will forever be grateful for the space and time they gave us to bond as a family after the birth of Mila.”

Congratulations to this wonderful family! To book into a Hypnobirthing Australia group course click here.

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