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The Birth Quickie online course

Do you.....

  • Want a condensed version of all the most important information for birth? 

  • Want some natural pain relief tools you can use during birth?

  • Need the flexibility of a self-paced course?

  • Want a more informative and engaging course than the run-of-the-mill hospital antenatal class?

If you answered yes, you will LOVE The Birth Quickie Online Birth Course. Unlike a standard antenatal class, you are given all of your options for birth. You can do this course from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace- but like any good quickie, you don't need too long!

In total this course has 3.5 hours of video content (plus add another extra few hours in order for you to do your extra research and preparation). It covers natural births, inductions and caesarean sections. 

If you wish to personalise your session, you can add on a 1:1 zoom call with me to clarify any information, ask questions or form a birth plan!

NOTE: This is NOT a Hypnobirthing course

The Birth Quickie online course: About Us

What will you learn?

There are 8 modules included in The Birth Quickie. We cover:

•Module 1: Understanding your hormones- 22 minutes
•Module 2: Physiology of birth- 42 minutes
•Module 3: Goal setting for your birth- 5 minutes
•Module 4: Natural pain relief techniques- 34 minutes
•Module 5: Making optimal space for your baby- 30 minutes
•Module 6: Interventions and decision making- 48 minutes
•Module 7: Signs of progression- 11 minutes
•Module 8: Planning the unplannable- 12 minutes

The Birth Quickie online course: Text

What do you get?

For $99, you get access to the online platform for 9 months. You will also recieve:

• 2 meditation tracks
• Cheat sheets with hacks for Inductions, Epidurals and Caesareans births
• Extra links for reading and research
• Recommendations for extra listening and exercises to use in pregnancy/labour
• Cheat sheets for pelvic opening and natural pain relief

The Birth Quickie online course: Text

Which course should I do?

If you have the time, availability and are able to invest in the Hypnobirthing Australia course, this would be my number 1 recommendation. 

I consider the program to be the first class of birth education. You will not find a more comprehensive program with so many inclusions. You can look at more face-to-face and zoom dates here

However, if you are unable to make these classes work, or are at the very end of your pregnancy and need something done quickly, I would recommend The Birth Quickie online course. This is what I would consider the premium economy (a little bit more luxe than your standard class). Have a look at the inclusions for each course in the table below:

The Birth Quickie online course: Text
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The Birth Quickie online course: Image
The Birth Quickie online course: Text
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