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Shannen's Positive Birth

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hi Tina,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you! Blake and I learnt so much in your hypnobirthing course in and it was truly a game changer when it came time to birth. On Thursday the 8th of July, I was 38+4 and I had what I thought was a trickling of waters on and off day. I ended up calling my midwife and she asked for me to come in and get checked around 4pm. Blake and I packed the last of our hospital bags and hopped in the car ready to go. We got to the hospital and they believed it was by mucus plug coming away, so they sent us home! We came home, ate some dinner and got comfortable on the lounge together at 6pm. Half an hour later I felt a pop and instantly felt my waters breaking. I sprung up off the lounge, standing in absolute shock as Blake ran to get a towel. We repacked the car and we were on our way back to the hospital, as per our midwifes advice. After half an hour at the hospital, I began to feel mild contractions that were already quite close together. I needed to be checked internally and I agreed. Originally I did not want to be told my dilation, however my midwife did let me know I was 3cm and fully effaced. I wasn’t going home. Blake got everything out of the car and he set up my diffuser and speaker around me. It was now 8pm and we started running the bath, as I knew that’s exactly where I wanted to be for most of my birth. I used my TENs machine while I waited for the bath to be ready. The contractions were getting more intense, however bearable with my TENs. The bath was ready and in I went! We had the lights off and I closed my eyes, breathing through every contraction. Blake was right by my side, offering water and assistance whenever needed. He was such an amazing support partner.

Around 11:30pm I began to reach transition. I knew exactly what was happening with my body because I had learnt so much about it in my Hypnobirthing class with Tina. I was completely focused. My eyes were closed, my diffuser was on, I had my tranquil sound track playing on repeat and I was in a complete trance. I depended on Blake a lot through this phase. His anchor touches, light touches, words of affirmation and warm water on my back is what really got me through this process.

At 2am I could feel myself urging to push. I went with my body and allowed it to do whatever it needed to, in order to birth my baby. By 3am, my baby was crowning. Blake was watching the entire process with a flashlight and mirror. He said it was truly an incredible experience to witness the crowning, knowing our baby would be here soon. He understood each phase of my labour and he was so well-informed due to all of the information you gave us in your classes. My babies head was birthed, a contraction later his shoulder was out and with the last contraction my baby was earth side! Blake placed our baby on my back, praising me of how well I did and how he was so proud of my experience. I held my baby in the bath, totally taking in all of the hormones that washed across my body.

At 3:34am, Braxton Daniel Thurlow was born. Weighing 3.52kg and measuring 49cm in length. Honestly Tina, I had a lot of doubts about how I was going to cope with labour and I knew Hypnobirthing is something I wanted to look into. Your class changed my whole perspective of labour and you eased my anxiety and concerns after the first day with you! I no longer wanted an epidural, Blake had belief in me and I was feeling very confident that I could labour my baby with no interventions and minimal pain relief. I got exactly what I wished for! I had a minor first degree tear and small grazing. I was in complete control over my labour and I was in such a calm state the entire time. I have recommended you to many of my pregnant friends and family. I really hope they come and see you, because it’s you who made my birthing experience so positive! Thank you again

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