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Deerne’s hypnobirth

I got surges on the 12th of October around 01.30am and I called the midwives 2 hours later. Then 4 hours later I rang again and we decided together we would drive up the 2 hours to the hospital. So I had 12 hours of labour at home and in the car. My bowels emptied 4 times before getting in the car to drive to the hospital. My body was like, “she is not going need this!”

Then arrived at the hospital and I tried lots of positions like, in the bath, shower, ball, on all fours etc. As long as I used gravity. My waters didn't break for another 10 hours so we decided to have them broken.

During this time we used lots of acupressure on my lower back because the surges came from there. Definitely very strong feelings aka can I say pain? I didn’t use that word during my labour though.

Tomas was in posterior position and didn't move until my body did all the way to the end. I used gas at the end. But our vision and mission was so strong that we kept going, focusing on breathing, loving each other, listening to the tracks and the vision board was a big help too.

But I did experience insecurity and not 100% believe in my body and that's where Chad and the doctor came in. At the end after using breathing/bearing down it didn‘t work as good with me so I pushed him down. Tomas' heartbeat did not change all the labour through, such a strong boy. So 26 hours of teamwork, determination and belief 💙

So we want to thank you very, very much. The doctor told me that many others would've asked for much stronger pain relief, especially after getting exhausted. I lost 1.5 litres of blood as well and my placenta didn't came out quickly so we decided to do the oxytocin injection. We had a strong vision and the doctor didn‘t agree with all of it but definitely respected it. Then, when they saw we were accepting of the turns our birthing would take, they were in awe of how we did it- And that is a big part of the affirmations that I had listened to almost every day!

The cord got cut before the injection by the and pulsing for a good 10 minutes before that! I felt amazingly relaxed afterwards and I couldn't stop eating haha! But the hours afterwards I definitely needed a drip and I couldn't focus that well. I got a catheter for 24 hours as I couldn't walk because of dizziness. But I kept eating myself strong!

We stayed in hospital for 5 days as he lost more weight than normal and he got a bit of jaundice. And only because we live far from a hospital and midwives that can weigh him, it was advised to stay. It was good in a way because I could ask them all the questions in the world and thats how I got the breastfeeding under control as well!

I weighed myself when we arrived, in labour, and on the last day when I left and I have lost exactly 10kg! I also feel like a completely different person so that 4th trimester is a real thing for me. I enjoy every moment but I also worry and feel insecure. Although writing about it as I do now gives me strength and makes me feel more proud!

So thank you, Tina with all our 3 hearts 💙 You have taught us the tools to nail this birth the way we did.

Love Chad, Deerne and Tomas

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