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Lisa's birth story

Lisa shares the hypnobirth of her second daughter, Pippa!

Leading up to Pip's delivery I experienced a lot of vaginal pain. Keeping me up a few nights in a row and only settling with warm baths. The afternoon when labour began I actually thought it was Braxton Hicks due to absolutely no pattern. With Liliana I’d experienced my first contraction, by 30 mins they were 5 mins apart and so on, so this time was really different and all over the place!

It began after Glenn and I had some time in the bedroom 😉 and about 10 mins after I experienced a wave of contractions lasting around 30 seconds, with gaps of 15-30 seconds in between ( on repeat for about 20 mins) I breathed my way through and sat on my ball (thinking it’s my body reacting to what had just happened) I finally hopped in the bath For about an hour with them coming and going. Very all over the place. Glenn rang birthing unit “yep sounds like Braxton Hicks but come in whenever you like for a check”. So we stayed home, timing them every now and then. Still seeing no pattern.

Glenn grabbed a beer and we watched a movie while I breathed through them on the ball. By 6:30 I was experiencing them quite strongly, Glenn tried to get me out the front door for a walk but the more I walked the more they came so I decided to stay put on my ball🤣. We arrived at the hospital just after 7. A lady ran through and told birthing unit I was on my way in. Next minute wheelchair and midwives with towels/blankets were at my feet 🤣 got wheeled straight into birthing unit. I told the midwife I decided to come in to get a “check” (which I was strongly hoping to avoid 😫) but I felt I needed to because I had convinced myself I wasn’t in “real labour” yet. She smiled at me and assured me that I was but they will check me. I did my own thing for a bit and then let them check me 🤣 I was at 6cm.

Popped back on my ball with some fairy lights on, music Hypobirthing tracks and some ice (that Glenn continuously fed me 😂) and got the gas on low. Glenn ran the bath and then I hopped in. I broke my own waters not long after that through a contraction. And started pushing for about 20/30 mins. (Liliana was 2+ hours😩 of intense pushing all over the bed in many positions)

The midwife checked baby’s heart rate every now and then but other then that didn’t do anything 🤣 the other midwife stood there and took photos (Glenn had asked her to). Pippa was born at 8:45pm. About 1 hour and 40 mins after we got there 💜👍🏻 I really felt like I could of experienced this birth at home!

I just wanted to say Thankyou again for the Hypobirthing course. I definitely had a very positive and calm birthing experience 🙏🏻 compared to my first with Liliana I honestly feel like I birthed Pippa by myself and had minimal guidance from the midwives. They were just there on standby. I felt so empowered and great afterwards!

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